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Team Coach 

Training Program

Focus: Skillful Preparation of 
Professional Team Coaches 

Have you developed strong one-on-one coaching skills and feel ready to take on the challenge and complexity of coaching a team?

Could your organization benefit from enhanced team performance?

Are you wanting to expand your coaching skills to meet the needs of the fast-growing team coaching market?

Effective, productive and satisfying teamwork is essential for organizations to successfully navigate the complex issues they face. Teams — whether leadership, functional, multi-disciplinary, operation, agile, or project teams — must operate at higher levels of performance than ever before.


As coaches, we have a unique opportunity to partner with the team and employ specialized knowledge and skills to:

  • accurately assess how the team can improve while understanding the impact of the team’s context,

  • know when, where and how to intervene both in the team’s presence and in its relationship with the larger organization system,

  • strengthen the team’s working relationships, while managing multiple stakeholders and their expectations, and

  • cultivate the key elements that enable teams to operate at their peak: trust, candid dialogue, and conflict resolution.

The work of a skilled team coach rooted in a sound approach with an adaptive coaching presence can offer the systemic, relational coaching that enables the team to be highly functioning and cohesive. 

Join my Team Coach Training Session and learn the skills you need to help organizations thrive. 

My two and a half-day experiential workshop combines Gestalt practices as well as practices based on the latest team effectiveness research providing participants with the basics for coaching intact work teams in their natural environment. The specialized knowledge and skills required for successful team coaching will be integrated with an emphasis on strategies and tools within the context of the team’s developmental phase.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Differentiate between team coaching, team building, team launching, and team process facilitation.

  • Understand and practice techniques for team observation that enable the coach to track what is happening at the different levels of the “system” that affect the team.

  • Understand and practice the four different roles required of a team coach and when to use each.

  • Apply a team development model that identifies where a team is in their lifecycle and their level of relational maturity.

  • Understand and apply specific Gestalt practices that enhance observation and intervention skills for all levels of the team system.

  • Practice a variety of ways to intervene in the team process.

  • Within a team context practice ICF Core Competency behaviors #4 Coaching Presence, #5 Active Listening, #6 Powerful Questioning, #7 Direct Communication and #8 Creating Awareness.

*CCEU Credits Pending

If you are interested in learning about upcoming training programs, 

contact me to learn more.  

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