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Leadership Coaching

Focus: Nurture Self Aware Leaders that
Act with Conscious Intent 

I coach leaders to gain a better understanding of themselves -  their actions, decision-making strategies, underlying assumptions, and beliefs. All to help them be the best version of themselves and meet the needs of their 21st-century stakeholders


As leaders, we often rely on ways of leading that have worked in past situations and are puzzled when they are not as effective in new but similar situations. If we think of leadership as a large meadow and the paths through the meadow are those we have walked many times, it becomes difficult to see alternative ways through the meadow. In our coaching work, we will explore these paths and see if they really get us where we want to go. If not, we will create new paths.  

When a leader expands their self-awareness, they can see new possibilities in any given situation. They become open to new choices where they can act naturally and with intent. 

In my experience, I have witnessed executives and team leaders face:

  • Organizational strategy shifts, restructuring, and mergers/acquisitions

  • Changes in their scope of responsibility, such as a promotion from team member to team leader

  • A lack of organizational investment in their professional growth

  • Rapidly changing ways of working and collaborating

Together, we will identify your development goals and formulate specific and measurable objectives as well as a method to track progress. 

Are you a leader interested in discovering your genuine leadership essence, strengthening your skills and impact? 

Contact me to learn more about how we can work together. 

”… for most people change will at some point be necessary—a critical step toward fulfilling their potential and achieving their goals, both at work and at home. They will need support with this process. They’ll need a coach. “

--Richard Boyatzis,  Distinguished University Professor, Case Western Reserve University and Author, Resonant Leadership. 

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