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Welcome to Rule 6 Consulting, LLC, led by chief firestarter, Andy Powell.

Rule 6 Consulting provides team and executive coaching, high impact meeting design + facilitation, and team coach training workshops.  


Recent consulting clients that have benefited from my coaching services include:

  • Novartis                     

  • Cleveland Metropolitan Schools 

  • Dale Carnegie

  • L'Oreal

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  • Full Bloom: Specialized Educational Services

  • American Electric Power

  • Microsoft

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering

  • Church Mutual Insurance

  • TATA   


As my business name suggests, I am inspired by Rule 6 "Light Many Fires" of Organization Development movement pioneer, Herb Shepard's eight “Rules of Thumb for Change Agents.”


Shepard’s Rules informed his ability to recognize and nurture the potential in those he mentored.  Throughout my experience coaching many individuals and teams, Rule 6 has held true. I’ve learned that the method of achieving holistic change in an organization is to start small changes in a number of places and then with a patient and focused approach nurture a larger “change fire.” 


To paraphrase Herb, "large monolithic change programs tend to prevent subsystems from feeling ownership and consequent commitment to the program.” I’m a “systems thinker,” a coach able to observe how small changes can fit together  for larger transformation - for individuals, teams and entire organizations.  Clients uncover multiple options for implementing change that has lasting positive impact. In this way, my coaching “lights many fires” of small changes within an organization’s team and leads to the effective achievement and sustainability of larger organizational objectives. 

Read my bio to learn more about my experience.  

Contact me and learn how I can help your team reach its organizational goals. 

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