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High Impact Meeting Design and Facilitation

Focus: Engaging, Efficient and Successful High Impact Meeting Design 

I partner with clients to create a meeting agenda and process design that leads to desired business results and has a lasting positive impact on team effectiveness.


I can ensure the meeting stays on track, regardless of unplanned circumstances or possible communication struggles or I can flex in the moment to enable the team to deal with important surprises and still achieve meeting objectives. 

Together we will:


  • Clarify the overall business context and specific needs the meeting will address.

  • Determine critical stakeholder objectives and concerns

  • Create a high impact meeting design customized to your needs

  • Specify meeting agenda and critical outcomes

  • Explore current team dynamics and how they may impact the meeting. 

  • Commit to custom methods to engage meeting participants and build trust and candor

The team leader and I coordinate throughout the meeting to stay on track, address team dynamics and make adjustments on the fly, as needed.  

Example High Impact Meetings I have designed and facilitated:


  • Non-Profit Board Retreat with a new Executive Director bringing in a new strategy 

  • Strategic Planning Meeting with a high level of strategy disagreement

  • A “fractured” team following the in-voluntary termination of a popular and influential team member

  • Year beginning meeting for a team with a new leader and 5 new team members

  • Executive Team Leadership effectiveness retreat following two years of significant underperformance 

  • Joint venture team meeting between partner organizations with low trust

Are you seeking a professional to help manage and facilitate an upcoming or ongoing high impact meeting(s)? 


Contact me to learn more about how I can help your meeting run smoothly and achieve its objectives. 

"A leader’s ability to turn meetings into a thinking environment is probably an organization’s greatest asset. " --Nancy Kline

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