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The Rule 6 Approach

My Guiding Principles

  1. Every individual, team, and organization has an innate ability to flourish under the right conditions and with the right focus.

  2. Real lasting change occurs when we become who we are – not by trying to be something we are not.

  3. Complete honesty and transparency are of the utmost importance – my clients will know at all times what I am doing and why including when I am uncertain. 

  4. The best solutions are co-created with the client.

  5. Ethical behavior is paramount. As a certified member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I observe and practice its code of ethics at all times. 

  6. For an organization to thrive it must focus on “doing good” versus “avoiding bad."  This is done by attending to the needs of all stakeholders:   the people in the organization, owners/shareholders, customers and suppliers, the organization's greater communities, and the environment.  

“You cannot exist outside of the system that gives you life.”  

--Paul Pohlman, Chairman, Unilever

My Coaching Process

All of my client work, including individual coaching, team coaching, meeting facilitation and culture change include the following common elements:


  • All work is customized to the needs of the client, whether the client is an individual or the whole organization.

  • We begin with a dialogue where I get to know the client, their business, their needs and opportunities, and the core values that drive them. In turn, you will get to know me, how I work, what I bring to the project and what values drive my work.

  • I review existing information that is available: meeting minutes, individual development plans, culture and engagement surveys, assessments of various kinds, etc.

  • I gather additional data when needed through various diagnostic and assessment tools. I will work with your preferred tools whenever possible.

  • We collaboratively design our work around your specific objectives, available time and resources, organizational culture and the change readiness of the individual and/or system. 

  • All work is designed so that it builds internal capability in any individual, team or organization. Every client will gain the tools to continue themselves in a way that is sustainable over time.

In addition, Individual Leadership Coaching typically includes:

  • Creation of a coaching development plan

  • Regular one-on-one coaching sessions (typically two 60 minute sessions per month for 9 months)

  • A mid-point progress and process check (with the client’s manager or sponsor, if applicable)

  • A final progress and sustainability review (with manager or sponsor, if applicable)

In addition, Team Coaching typically includes:

  • A design based on what team type and where the team is in its lifecycle: i.e., start-up, mature, restructured, agile, matrix, virtual, etc. 

  • An assessment of team foundation and the greater purpose the team serves

  • A clarification of the team structure, core processes and norms

  • Trust building to enable candor and constructive dialogue

  • Initial team development meeting to clarify team essentials and foundation

  • My ongoing attendance in team meetings for observation and learning interventions 

Contact me to learn more about my process or visit my Services page and discover how I can help your organization navigate change and 

create great impact.

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