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Team Coaching 

Focus: Teams in Transition 

I coach teams within organizations of all sizes to align their performance with stakeholder goals and increase their effectiveness through a range of organizational transitions.

Team coaching is not team building or team facilitation – team coaching is working with the team as it performs the work of the team. Teams learn and integrate new skills and behaviors best when they are learned “on the job."

During our engagement, we will discuss, assess and action plan collaboratively to help you navigate the following transitions:

  • Restructuring and reorganization

  • Leadership changes

  • Mergers/Acquisitions

  • Underperforming teams

  • New team launch 

  • Strategic shifts

  • Cultural Shifts

  • Rapid Growth

We will explore the 6 foundational conditions needed for a team to be effective. Then, define team culture, explore communication strategies, establish norms that build trust clarify your decision making process. 


I build relationships with team members as well as the whole team so we can work together on all aspects of team dynamics. As I observe your team I bring awareness to both individual and group behaviors.

Are you an executive, head of an organization, or team leader seeking help navigating an organizational transition?


Contact me and learn how we can work together. 

 “Despite evidence to the contrary, including the fact that Michelangelo worked with a group of 16 to paint the Sistine Chapel – we still tend to think of achievement in terms of the 'Great Man' or the 'Great Woman,' instead of the 'Great Group'”  

--Warren Bennis, 1997

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